These rules must be followed when adding “placeholders” manually (for fields and signatures), without the Word plugin

Placeholders for the form fields

For each field in the digital form linked to the template document in Word (except for special fields such as formula fields), a “placeholder” should be inserted in the template document. This placeholder will be used to “merge” the value of that field from the record into the document created by the document generator. For example, if we want the final document will appear in a sentence like “I am, John Doe, the undersigned …”, then the same sentence with “placeholder” will be written like this: “I am, {{full_name}}, the undersigned …”,
To build a placeholder, add the following text-parts, in this order: double curly brackets for opening {{ followed by the name chosen for the field (without spaces and special characters – see below) followed by double curly brackets for closing }}
Rules for naming fields:

  • There should be no space between the curled brackets for the type you typed between them! If you perform a copy-paste operation within Word, many times Word automatically adds a space before or after – note and delete these spaces if they appear…
  • The names in parentheses must not contain spaces or special characters – only letters, numbers, and simple characters, such as _ and –
  • It is allowed to design the placeholders – underline, emphasis, text color, background color, or any other design…

Examples of correct and incorrect names…:

Position the “vertical line” character on the keyboard:

Placeholders for signatures

The structure of the placeholder for the field is the following characters in order – curly closes opening {then “vertical line” | (As explained here), then some number of “bottom line” _ ( as explained here) then “vertical line” | Again and at the end curly braces closure}.