Advanced information management system - efficiency and cost reduction

When every critical business process is documented and accessible, when the system tries to remind the employees, and when everything is so simple to use - the business becomes more efficient

Many of your business processes are based on information, which needs to be collected and saved, so that it will be easy to find it when needed, add reminders to it, generate reports from it, manage certain types of it within the framework of a defined and closed process, complete it with electronic signatures, etc.

You can do all of these in DocsRobot, as the preparations themselves are simple and quick. At the heart of the system is the form builder mechanism, which allows you to build the digital forms that will help you manage business processes easily. All the magic happens as soon as you create them – the system automatically extracts from them everything you need – builds for each type of digital form a “main screen” with a “records” table whose columns you can arrange, enters its fields into the “query engine” So that you can quickly find records that you have built from it, generate from it “quick reports” in Excel (you can also define report-templates to generate reports in your structure), etc. combine their fields in

The process of building the digital forms, which are the heart of the system – is simple and fast: drag fields of different types and organize them on the form. Anyone can design a form – it’s really child’s play. This way you can establish for yourself the “dream system”, in which every item of information looks exactly as you need it.

Have you finished setting up the forms, and do you want to generate documents from them? Just as simple – take a Word document, edit out of it the details that need to be changed every time it is produced, and put in their place “placeholders” with the names of the fields of the form ({{signature_date)), {{employee_name}}, etc.), and that’s it. Just upload them to the system and link to the form, and you are ready to generate documents.

Do you also need to send documents for signature? simple. Edit the appropriate document and add a signature placeholder to it (similar to a field placeholder – see exact instructions in the appropriate help article), and you are ready for signatures.

Don’t have time for all that? Talk to us – and we will build everything for you during a phone call

Documents Generator - saving time

When you repeatedly create documents of the same type - it is much faster to create them from a digital form and template, than to copy and change content manually!

Many times you will have to create a new document of the same type you created before, only with new details.

Copying another document and manually replacing its contents – takes a lot of time!

Instead, create a suitable form in the system only once, and a template document with “placeholders” to replace. From now on, every time you want to create a new document, fill in the data in the form and press a button. Filling in data in the dedicated form is very fast – you can extract data from predetermined lists, understand what needs to be filled in from an orderly structure divided into chapters, etc. Anyone in the office will be able to produce such a form, even if they have no background in working with MS-WORD, since they do not need to open it at all. PDF documents can also be prepared this way quickly, instead of creating them from MS-WORD…

Not only this!

The main waste of time in the copy/change-content method is generally in locating the most recent relevant document, and checking it to make sure it is really the latest and you haven’t gotten confused…

In DocsRobot, there is only one place where the document template is saved, and no one has any doubt that it is the most recent template. You don’t need to look for it, and you don’t need to examine it. In case it is necessary to change it – this is also a very simple operation of editing a WORD document and uploading it as an update to the system!

The documents generator - preventing mistakes and omissions

When you copy a previous document in order to replace the content with what is relevant to the new document – there is a high chance that you will miss something;
The date will remain the previous date, the recipient will be an employee of another client (unpleasant), and in extreme cases, a fatal mistake may be made, such as a mix of a price you gave someone when you were a startup, and you would never consider giving it to a new client today…

When you fill out a form, the system protects you from mistakes: all the information appears in the fields, with appropriate titles, and is divided into chapters and topics; Default values help to choose a correct value without making a mistake, mandatory fields keep you from creating a form with missing information, etc.

Also, the “permanent” parts of your documents are anything but truly permanent. You are constantly learning, perfecting yourself, protecting yourself… The “Supplier Liability” chapter that you use in your agreements today, takes away from you everything that has ever really happened to you, or that you have heard from someone that has happened to him. There’s no way you’d want to accidentally combine the same episode from a decade ago. You didn’t understand anything then…

Since the system allows simple updating of template documents – you can always keep them up-to-date, and always upload the latest version that draws its power from the accumulated experience.

Digital signature - removing obstacles from "closing"

The system that removes obstacles that stand in the way of "closing" - fill the form, and click to create a document from this data and send it for signing!

Many “deals” require a commitment from the other party, and may disappear if you face technical difficulties, such as waiting for a terms document that will reach him at a later stage, in order to sign it

The system allows you to fill in essential details during a phone call, then perform the act of creating the document and sending it for signature with the click of a button, while the other party is still on the line. The other party will immediately receive a link to sign, open it from the computer or phone, sign and send, still – while on the line. Now, when you finish the conversation with him, you will know that he is committed to you – you have “closed” a deal!

And what if you are sure that he is already committed, and want to transfer the responsibility for the process to him and save additional time?

No problem: send him a link to fill out the form independently – he will devote time to it, take responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the data, and upon completion of entering it, will immediately proceed to the digital signature stage…